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Public employment offer

CALL FOR 2021 State Administrative Examinations! What is the deadline for applications to the 2021 State Administrative Examinations? How many places are available? Everything you need to know about these exams.

In order to calculate the cut-off mark for the first State Administrative exam, the results of the best 2,852 marks for the general basis and 260 first candidates for the specific system were taken into account.

In order to be able to participate in the State Administrative Corps tests, it is essential that you meet the following requirements: In addition, you must take into account that if your bachelor’s degree or equivalent was obtained abroad, you must have the corresponding homologation for your candidacy to be valid.

This is the summary of the requirements to access the State Administrative Corps. To see them in detail you can find them in the tenth section of the common bases Order HFP/688/2017, of July 20, 2017, by clicking here,

The civil servants serving in the State Administrative Corps will depend largely on the state administration body to which they are assigned. However, we list the most common tasks for the position you are applying for:


It will include the passing of a selective course and an internship period in penitentiary centers. For the completion of this period, candidates who have passed the competitive examination phase will be appointed as probationary officials by the convening authority.

The syllabus governing the selection process is set out in Annex II of this call. Regarding the regulations, the one in force on the date of the first exercise will be applicable.

The applications must be completed in the official application form 790, which will be accessed, in general, through the web page www.administracion.gob.es or the electronic registers for the processing of the inscriptions of the candidates in the selective processes that are established.

The submission of the application electronically shall be made by using the Inscription in Selective Test Processes service of the general access point (http://administracion.gob.es/PAG/ips), following the instructions indicated, being necessary to identify oneself by means of the cl@ve electronic identification and signature platform, in any of its modalities.

General state administration

Order HFP/688/2017, of 20 July, establishing the common bases that will govern the selective processes for entry or access to bodies or scales of the General State Administration.

The purpose of this Order is the establishment of the common bases that will govern the selective processes for entry or access as a career civil servant in the Bodies and Scales of the General State Administration, without prejudice to the specific bases determined by each call, which in its case will collect the peculiarities with respect to these common bases, as well as the specific annexes required for their development, or the numbering of the same as appropriate.

The summoning body shall send to the mailbox empleopublico@correo.gob.es information on the development of the selective processes as they progress, in order to allow a follow-up of their execution.

Once the selective process has been concluded, the candidates who have passed it and who accredit, in the terms indicated in the call, that they meet the requirements demanded, will be appointed as career civil servants by Resolution of the competent body, which will be published in the “Official State Gazette”, with an indication of the destination awarded.

Information to be provided according to the terms and conditions of the call for applications

In the previous point we mentioned the registration fees. The publication of the call for applications establishes the ways in which the fees can be paid and the banks where they can be paid. If you opt for online registration, it is possible to pay the fees by debit or credit card through the website of the organization that issued the call for applications. Regardless of the method of payment, you must keep the proof of payment, as you will have to present it later. If you do not pay the fees, your registration will not be considered valid.

In addition to completing the application form and paying the fees as explained in the two previous steps, it is necessary to gather a series of documents that may vary according to the competition and will be specified in the call, but generally a certified photocopy of the DNI, certified photocopy of the degree required for the specific competition, photocopy of the merits you want to present and proof of the fees paid.