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Photodynamic therapy is a non-invasive technique based on the stimulation, regeneration and repair of the skin. The basic elements of this treatment are low power light (LLLT) and photosensitive products, i.e. those that are activated and react with light. This therapy is accessible, simple, painless, without side effects and with excellent results.

Its effects are stimulating, regulating or inhibiting cellular activity. Therefore, LED phototherapy has applications in the fields of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, dermatology or pain treatment.

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From Best Clinics we suggest Centro Medico Laser, as an option for an Aesthetic Medicine Clinic near Calle San Juan in the town of Cartagena (zip code 30201), in the province of Murcia.

The price of Centro Medico Laser or other Cosmetic Medicine Clinics is another factor to consider. But when we are talking about health, it is of relative importance, as evaluating a clinic exclusively on the basis of its prices without taking into account other more relevant aspects can make you make an unfortunate decision. In our blog you can find several articles that refer to each of these aspects.

The Aesthetic Doctor is a medical professional, with specific training in the procedures of his competence, who is in charge of helping his patients to improve those aspects of their image that bother them, always based on medical and scientific criteria and from a realistic basis.


BlogTreatmentsPhotoepilation is one of the most demanded medical aesthetic treatments nowadays. More and more men and women, of different ages, decide to remove body and facial hair.

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, there is an increasing variety of lasers that offer this hair removal system, being today easier and safer to perform this type of treatment. However, it is very important to get advice and take the necessary precautions to avoid any kind of inconvenience with photoepilation.

It is not a painful treatment, the discomfort is very relative. There are areas that bother more and others less. For example, the groin or pubic area may be the most sensitive to this type of treatment. Systems are available to prevent burning of the surrounding skin, which is usually either cold or a gel that prevents discomfort.

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1 año después de la depilación láser | me volvió a crecer vello?

Nuestra piel con el paso del tiempo revela pequeñas imperfecciones que surgen como consecuencia de factores intrínsecos (factores genéticos y cambios en el metabolismo) y extrínsecos (malos hábitos alimenticios, exceso de alcohol, contaminación atmosférica y estrés). Con la dermatología estética se consigue eliminar estos defectos aportando una piel más sana y jovial.

Este tipo de arrugas son las de los ojos (“patas de gallo”), el entrecejo y la frente. En este caso, la mejor opción es conseguir la relajación de la musculatura mediante la aplicación justa y necesaria de toxina botulínica, siempre conservando la expresión natural del rostro.

Consiste en aplicar sobre la piel un agente químico que, de forma acelerada, produce una exfoliación superficial (eliminación de células muertas) con la intención de estimular la renovación celular. Con ello se consigue una mejora en el aspecto facial logrando una piel más lisa y luminosa. Está indicado para tratar arrugas, manchas, líneas de expresión, acné y para mantener una piel sana, firme y libre de impurezas.