Salon hits 11 benefits

Salon hits 11 benefits

On the other hand, yesterday I decided to use it dry…. I don’t understand why I didn’t think of it before! Of course you have to use less quantity than with wet hair, but the result is great: volume and shine without giving a feeling of dirty hair, and without weighing it down. It’s perfect. Now I will always carry it in my purse.

The format is a spray, which makes it very easy to use. Of course, you have to learn to adjust the amount of product required for each type of hair (longer hair, shorter hair, dry hair, greasy hair…). However, the product is not liquid, the texture is that of a conditioner, perhaps a little more fluid, but it is a cream, which with the spray format is perfectly distributed and the right amount throughout the hair, and it is also what allows its use in dry hair. It also smells wonderful, fresh, summer … it’s a joy.

The price of this product, which is marketed in a 150 ml format (and lasts for months and months) is around 10 €, but surely you can find it for less. I do not know if it will seem expensive but I will tell you that it is worth it, as I say, not only I have repeated, is that I can not miss, never.

Salon hits – 11 benefits – directions for use

Repairs and Nourishes, I have to tell you that as you know, a month ago I cut my hair, that’s why I have it quite healthy, it is also true that it gives me the feeling that it is more hydrated, because I have dry skin and dry hair.

Yesterday I dried my hair with a towel, and I left it for a while, when I took the towel off and we were leaving, my hair was totally frizzy, I put a few sprays in the palm of my hand and I distributed it, and my hair was different.

Salon hits 11 benefits –

I never liked leave-in products because they left my hair heavy, but with this one it doesn’t happen to me and it has been a reconciliation because I have started to try many brands, some have worked well and others have not, I will tell you about all of them or I have already talked about them in the blog. I’ve become a fan of leave-in products because they make my day to day life easier and protect my hair from dryers and straighteners, without making it greasy or dirty.

Salon Hits 11 Benefits by Revlon is an all-in-one leave-in spray treatment with 11 benefits for our hair in one product, making it easy for us to take care of our hair in one step and without the need to store a lot of products.

It is made with pro-vitamin B5, silk amino acids and UVA/UVB sunscreens, and promises 11 actions:1. Repairs and NourishesTrue, it does, it hydrates the hair and repairs it, the hair feels fuller, shinier and healthier. Anti-FrizzI have no frizz problems, my hair is straight and straight, so I can’t tell you much here. Thermal ProtectionProtects the hair from dryers and irons. I try to avoid them as much as possible, especially flat irons, but I use a rotating brush with heat, and it works well for me, and it also makes it easier for me to style my hair with it.5.

Salon hits 11 benefits

I like to use this kind of products with wet hair and then dry it, but this time I decided to try it both ways and I have to say that dry hair has surprised me a lot because I thought it would make my hair greasy and weigh it down and nothing like that, it has left it moisturized, soft and shiny, nothing like I thought. I also love using it wet and then drying and styling it. I usually use a thermal iron and knowing that this protects the hair from heat, it leaves me much calmer and also, I notice that it fixes the hairstyle and it lasts longer.