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Marina, beautiful, I voted YES in the poll Do you like Marina? but not for Jose Luis, he doesn’t deserve her. I think Jose Luis wants to be on top of him all the time and I think he is quite jealous, and so it has been demonstrated, they went out together but it has not lasted long.Arriba Marina, I hope you are the next tronista, to see if it is true, and if not, you have a long time to be sometime.

Hi Miguel, Mamen has not done well in her thrones, until the end it was horrible, and the things that are coming out after the final, it is even worse, it seems that Mamen was dating Abel during her throne. It is very difficult for another tronista to do worse, although it can happen, but Mamen’s throne will remain one of the worst.

Santana chooses Yanira, but Odalis says that Santana has broken the rules, that she was out with Yanira. We will see if it is true or not, what I have seen is that in the final, Yanira was very sure, she was very happy before choosing her, if you are a finalist and do not know what is going to happen, it is normal that you are very nervous, as it happened to Belen, while Yanira was very sure, I do not know, I hope it is not true what Odalis, but the impression that Yanira has given me and then Odalis’s comments I have doubts.

At work, they’re all the same

The final program of the season sets out to finally unveil what really happened after the four-damn date between MANUEL, JENNY, SILVIA and JAVI. To do so, SILVIA takes revenge and goes after the accusations made by JENNY, who is also on the set to expose her opinion in a final confrontation to get us out of doubts and not have to continue with them during the summer.

In an attempt to search among the songs for a special one, one that transmits for me the essence of the program and what happens most of the time in it, chance (or as a dear character would say, the inevitable) has led me to these lyrics and this song that I am sure, will be a summer promise, something that for many will happen if not once, several times throughout these days that we are not seeing each other. I only hope that even if one, one or several men or women pass through your lives, until we meet again, they will not take your soul in pieces with your memories, that no matter how much pain is involved, you will always recover the energy to be able to look for that special person that is hiding around the corner, that has always been there.

Sims 4 – once upon a time | mujeres, hombres y viceversa | #45

The life forms known as tronistas are those cute male and female beings that appear in the show Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa, a TV format that could equally well have been called Pelopicopata or Waku Waku Waku.

– Females have very sensitive skin, which must be protected with a centimeter thick of makeup. No flesh color, they will be happy if you cover them with tacky colors. That attracts males.

– It is also advisable to have a webcam. You put it on and let them see each other on the computer screen at least a couple of times a day. No more, otherwise the neighbors will complain about the barking.

First of all, because not even the cameraman will be able to get on this mess. All the contestants, whether they’re contestants or suitors, are a bunch of lazy bums who want to live off the story (I don’t think they study or work if they can spend their lives on the set and going out partying).

James lover – remember (official video)

Cuatro But despite this fooling around, Jorge Javier Vázquez has not shown any concern. On the contrary. The presenter has shown a very understanding attitude by saying that “when you’re with someone eating, you try to bring up topics of conversation, right? With these words he has made it clear that he is not going to give more importance to what his suitors have said and that what he wants is to remain calm on his throne. Always without forgetting his mother’s advice. “She told me to be careful and not to lie to me,” said the presenter about what Mari advised him. In the end, the waters have calmed down when Michael has approached the presenter to give him a book, a detail that Jorge has loved. Although for now he has nothing clear. This afternoon on ‘Sálvame’, Jorge said after watching a promotion of the Mtmad program ‘Caza de Witches’ that “to see if I’m going to have to pull her for my throne…”.