Transferencias via banco de españa

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One of the services we use most frequently is the wire transfer.  The basic function of the wire transfer, as we all know, is to move money without having to physically transport it.

Bank transfers are money transfers made to the order of a client from his bank account at one institution (payer) to another designated institution (payee). If it is made between accounts of the same bank, it is called a transfer. Here are some key points to help you better understand what they are.


The cost of the immediate transfer depends on the entity with which we operate. Some charge a percentage of the amount with a minimum (always higher than the normal ones); others charge one euro more, and some even offer them for free for customers of certain accounts.

A national transfer must be credited to the IBAN account of destination at the latest by the end of the next working day after the order is given. Please note that there are “cut-off times” after which the order will be considered to have been placed on the next business day. In international transfers, the deadlines are longer and depend on the different countries and entities. Fortunately, their cost is lower. Usually the commission consists of a percentage of the amount we send, with a minimum.

Bank of spain international transfers

However, there are exceptions, such as in the case of ordinary instantaneous transfers. All those made between two accounts of the same bank, for example, will be instantaneous since, being an internal transfer, it is only a mere accounting entry for the bank, so in case of delay, you should ask your bank.

All banks have a cut-off time, and if you make the transfer moments after that time, the order will be considered received the following business day. Therefore, it is very important to take this time into account, since, if you make the transfer before or after that time, it will take 1 working day more or less.

It should be remembered that since last November 21, 2017 the new system of immediate bank transfers started, a service that establishes that transfers between banks in the European Union will be able to be made practically in real time. They will be made in 10 seconds, whereas before it took at least 24 hours for the money to reach its destination and could even take up to four days.

Transferencias via banco de españa en línea

Instant credit transfers are a type of bank transfer that reaches its destination in less than 10 seconds and works thanks to the new European scheme SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst).

While the instant credit transfer service has just been introduced in all banks, users of non-member banks will have to wait an average of 24 hours to receive the money within the SEPA territory. However, it is possible to speed up the process by using one of the following options to send money:

It is not an immediate service, but some banks have transfers that arrive the same day. Some, although they do not support immediate transfers such as ING, allow their customers to send money and have it arrive the same day (a few hours later). However, only if the transfer is ordered before the cut-off time.

Many users ask us how to make an immediate transfer from CaixaBank. In this image, we show how to send money instantly from CaixaBank in just five steps and from the app: