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A week before the premiere of the Michael Schumacher documentary on Netflix, the audiovisual production company has released a preview of what will be the documentary that will summarize the sporting career and life of the seven-time Formula 1 world champion. In this documentary, there are many family members, …
Sergio Pérez was announced as a Red Bull driver for the 2022 season. The Mexican, who is completing the first stages of his stint with the energy drinks team this season; has had a first half of the season with many irregularities but has shown that he has the potential to …
Yesterday, the Mercedes team confirmed the rumors that have been going around the paddock for months and that George Russell would be one of its drivers for the 2022 season. The young British driver will have the opportunity he has been waiting for since he arrived in Formula …
The Red Bull team faces the third consecutive weekend of competition after a Grand Prix of the Netherlands in which they returned to the path of victory and to the path of the leadership of the drivers’ championship with Max Verstappen. After a weekend really …

Gp france f1 2021 – full qualifying |

Race12 Sep 2021-09-12 15:00:00GMT+020015:00 Grid11 Sep 2021-09-11 17:00:00GMT+020017:00 Qualifying10 Sep 2021-09-10 18:00:00GMT+020018:00 Quali. Sprint11 Sep 2021-09-11 16:30:00GMT+020016:30 Free Practice 110 Sep 2021-09-10 14:30:00GMT+020014:30 Free Practice 211 Sep 2021-09-11 12:00:00GMT+020012:00
ITALY F1 GP 2021Verstappen escapes penalty at Monza; will not fit new engine 0Gorka Saez de Asteasu | 9 Sep 2021 – 17:51Mercedes weighs penalty in Italy for engine change 26Marta Berrocal | 8 Sep 2021 – 20:22
FerrariLeclerc: “I didn’t like Verstappen when we were younger” 2Ángela Merino | 9 Sep 2021 – 14:03Leclerc has no illusions about Monza: “It’s a difficult track for us” 3Ana Vázquez | 9 Sep 2021 – 09:01
2007 SEASONAlonso on 2007: “Maybe now we all would have done things differently” 40Ana Vázquez | 9 Sep 2021 – 11:14Power Rankings 2021: Verstappen consolidates his lead at Zandvoort; Alonso fourth 6Ángela Merino | 9 Sep 2021 – 13:09
2021 F1 ITALY GP 2021Mercedes weighs penalties in Italy for engine changes 26Marta Berrocal | 8 Sep 2021 – 20:22Mercedes ready for second sprint qualifying: “We’ve learned from Silverstone” 2Gorka Saez de Asteasu | 8 Sep 2021 – 22:06

Hungarian f1 gp 2021 – full classification |

The FIA Formula One World Championship, better known as Formula One, Formula 1 or F1, is the world’s premier international motorsport competition and most popular and prestigious motorsport championship. The governing body is the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). In September 2016, the American company Liberty Media, through the acquisition of the Formula One Group, is currently responsible for managing and operating the championship. [3]
In 1962, Lotus introduced a car with an aluminum monocoque chassis instead of the traditional tubular chassis. This proved to be the biggest technological breakthrough since the introduction of mid-engined cars. In 1968, Lotus included the Imperial Tobacco logo on its cars, introducing tobacco-brand sponsorship to the sport.[14] In the 1970s, Lotus introduced the Imperial Tobacco logo on its cars.
Beginning in the 1970s, Bernie Ecclestone reorganized the management of Formula 1’s commercial rights. Ecclestone is widely credited with transforming the sport into a multi-billion dollar business.[16][17]When Ecclestone bought the Brabham team in 1971 he earned a seat on the Formula 1 Constructors Association (FOCA) and in 1978 became its chairman. Previously the circuit owners controlled the teams’ revenues and negotiated with each team individually; however, Ecclestone convinced the teams to do so jointly through FOCA.[18] He offered Formula 1 to the circuit owners as a package they could take or leave, in exchange for on-board advertising.[19] The circuit owners were also the owners of the circuit.

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The moments nobody saw at Zandvoort: Alonso, “10 cm from the wall”, an invisible driver and two decisive overtakes2 commentsAlonso’s brilliance and Sainz’s suffering: “I thought he must be having a really bad time “14 commentsVerstappen bores Mercedes and Alonso gives the face at Zandvoort5 commentsVerstappen dominates at home with a ‘pole’ of sobriety
12 commentsVerstappen hospitalized after 51G impact with the crash barriers65 commentsHamilton rallies after a great ride in front of Leclerc and a controversial incident with Verstappen
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